If you have thick but coarse hair, that curl and stick out in different directions, you can not avoid lamination. Of course, you will achieve the desired effect. But over time, your hair will become brittle and lose its proper structure. And you'll need a recovery hair care, which will return the shine and vitality.

Specialists of a new spa-center SPAkoy know how to achieve it. Upon entering the salon you are immersed in a pleasant ambience with cozy interior and individual approach managers. Then you just have to trust the professionals. Repair complex Royal returns to your hair color and splendor, as well as the lost health. Shampoo of Series Royal is not just cleanses the hair from pollution, but nourishes it with moisturizing ingredients. Mask - care makes it really healthy. A pearl indelible complex captures and holds all beneficial treatments in the hair cuticle.

 Spa-center SPAkoy will give your hair a real peace, which you can only dream of.